Enter Contest!

Think you have a great Popcorn Training Kickoff? Show us what makes your Kickoff excellent, and you can win!

CAMP MASTERS is proud to offer the Kickoff Contest, open to all units selling CAMP MASTERS Popcorn this year! It's easy to enter and even easier to see why having a Kickoff will mean great things for your pack, troop or crew.

With CAMP MASTERS Popcorn, you can have a great year in Scouting, and it all starts with a plan to have a lot of fun and sell the popcorn you need to make your year the best ever.

Here's what you do:

At your Kickoff, capture the following elements of a successful Popcorn Training Kickoff. You can submit a still photo or a video up to 10 seconds long (click here for information on supported formats).

You can upload either a photo (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF.) up to 5M file or a video file (MP4) up to 10 seconds in length. Uploads are supported through your internet browser or directly form your mobile smart phone application.

  1. Scout Training - Show us how your Scouts are getting prepared to interact with customers, learn about delicious CAMP MASTERS treats, and sell safely this fall.
  2. Room Set-Up - Show us how your Kickoff looks! The best kickoffs include a product display, prize/incentive area, a stage or backdrop to excite and samples of course! What does your Kickoff look like?
  3. FUN! - Show us how your Kickoff will be an exciting and motivational time for all involved. Be creative and capture the element of FUN that's so important to Scouting and the Popcorn Program.

You can enter here on this website by clicking ENTER or use our mobile application to record and enter all from your smart phone. Download the application from the Apple App Store or Android Market by searching "CAMP MASTERS" or click here.